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Jennifer Glover


After 4 years of consistent marathon training, combined with mat and reformer Pilates, Jennifer stumbled into a barre class in Florida and has been hooked ever since. Not only did barre combine her love of the core strengthening and feminine sculpting of Pilates, but also the aspect of putting it all to music, a lifelong passion of hers. She initially received her BarreAmped certification in 2010, going on to get her Advanced, Fire and Bootcamp certifications as well. Jennifer also obtained her Ballet Body certification in 2013 under Leah Sarago and is continuing to study under this method. A love for travel allows her to take barre classes all over the country, which is what inspired the name of BarreONE. Here she combines the most effective and enjoyable exercises into ONE fast paced. music driven class.

“I’ve been teaching barre now for over 7 years, and at 38, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. Having 3 crazy busy kiddos and a business owning husband, time is a luxury. Barre provides that full body burn I can’t find anywhere else, and gets it all done in 55 minutes.”




Jill Waters


Jill Waters is married to Rob Waters and has three children, Caden, Cash and Camryn. Jill attended her first barre class 5 years ago with Jennifer as the instructor. Since that time, she has been addicted to barre. She is currently in the process of getting certified in Ballet Barre. “To be honest, I was very intimidated at first, because I had never done anything like barre. But, after just a few weeks I had a basic idea of what to do and continued to improve my form. Without a doubt, barre improved my flexibility and muscle tone.”